james hindermeier

Circuit Café - Stock

The Edge of Space - Stock

Rocket In Space - Stock

gold fish - Stock

Evolution - Stock

Knightly Knight - Stock

Leaping Businessman - Stock

Maitre d - Stock

Moon Owl - Stock

Stars Salute - Stock

Summer Lake - Stock

Waiter - Stock

Big Head Bike Courier - Stock

Balloon Head Me - Vector Stock

Christmas Mouse- Vector Stock

Game Frog - Vector Stock

gunslingerCowboy - Vector Stock

jetNelson01 - Vector Stock

Me As Cartoon - Vector Stock

jet Nelson 02 - Vector Stock

Game Mosquito - Vector Stock

War Game Characters - Vector Stock

Crazy Skateboarder - Stock

Stealing Hearts - Vector Stock

BCLC John - Gamesence for Parents

BCLC Kyle - Gamesense for Parents

BCLC Quinn - Gamesense for Parents

fiddle mouse - fun



Christopher Christmas Tree - Box Cover

Exausted Santa

Childrens Textbook

The Gardener - Assembly Line


Silo - Childrens Textbook


Downhill Skier - Stock


Whistler/Blackcomb - Game Graphics

Ccouch Potato

Harvest Porch - Mattell

Asteroid Kill - Game

Creation Robot - Stock

Cloud Rocket - Stock

Robot Snowboarder - Stock

Backyard Play - Stock

Blue Jay Way - Game Title Screen

Chritmas - Ecard

Christmas - Ecard

Translink - Compass Card(New Characters, repose/place existing ones)

Translink - Compass Card(New Characters, repose/place existing ones)

Mattel - Friends - Ecard

Mattel - Forgot Your Birthday - Ecard

Mattel - Hole In My Heart, For You - Ecard

Jet Nelson - Game Intro

The Mad Hornet Fighters Club - Web Intro

Whistler/Blackcomb - Ski Game - Promotional Game

Repart Christmas - Snow Globe - Ecard

Mattel - Wedding - Ecard

Shaw Bots, Bit, Connect The Dots

Shaw Bots, Games

Airplane - Rivera Design

Private Club

Goldfish Jumping

Buck and Eggy - White Spot Restaurants

Buck and Eggy - White Spot Restaurants

Picoso Style Swimmer

Best Buy - Geek Me Facebook Page Assets

Great Canadian Gifts - Prototype

BCLC Quinn - Gamesense

Rogers Video - Fantasy Movies

Rogers Video - Fantasy Movies

North Shore Credit - Time for a New Home

Rogers Video - Travel

Sunripe Men Through The decades

Sunripe Women Through The decades

Beer Club

Capital One Icons

Bison Telecommunications - Cross Stich Hockey Player

Robot SnowBoarder

Frog Pond

Two Roses

North Shore Credit Union -  Home Morgages

Plate of Cake

North Shore Credit Union - Damsil

Rogers Video - Kung Foo

Hear, See, Speak No Tech Evil

Rocket Launch

Crazy Skate

Fantasy Forest

Computer Man - Cover Illustration


Jet Nelson - Game Character

Swing Dancing


BC Pavillion - Tides and Currents as Energy Sources

Popcorn Eating - Rogers Video Icons

Saxaphone Player

Richmond Centre Construction Campaign

Richmond Centre Construction Campaign

Whistler Mountain Flash Game Promotion

Family Outing

Think Maze Promotion

Burnaby Business Park

Ability Logo

The Happy Dog Botique

The Mad Hornet - Personal Training

Needlework - Bison - Cell Phone Network

Skateboarder - Case It! - Cell Phone Products

Case It! - Cell Phone Accessories - Package Illustration

Case It! - Cell Phone Accessories - Package Illustration

BMO avitar

Forever Swing CD Cover

BC Lotteries

A&W - Bear - POP - Uncle and Grandmother - Character Design

Promo - 2005 Lotus Awards

A&W Car

BC Lotteries

Corporate Giant - Self Promotion

Aviglion - Security Systems - Animation Assets

White Spot Restaurants - Pirite Ship

BC Pavilion Art Asset

BC Pavilion Art Asset

BC Pavilion Art Asset

Beach Volleyball

Translink - Compass Card(New Characters, re-pose existing)

Translink - Compass Card(New Characters

Fast Friends

Water Sports

Mr Lube Florida Button